Beitar – Yom Hashoa

As every year – we arrived in the Beitar movement to the square in front of the German Embassy in Tel Aviv, during the commemoration of the holocaust and heroism day.
The exciting situation, in which the Beitar campers arrive in front of the embassy of the country that was once the enemy of the Jews, and today is a member of the nations of the world, does not go unnoticed by the embassy employees every year.

This year, the German deputy ambassador to Israel came to us and spoke with the group and the campers.
We must not as a country, as a nation, as a people – forget what was done to us less than 80 years ago. We must also not forget what was done to us a little over six months ago. The enemies are the same enemies – and against them we have to raise the iron wall that Beitar head Zeev Jabotinsky talked about.

We’ll remember and not forget.

Tel Chai!

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