Mabat VeMedia

A program designed for young people from the Knesset. These young people come to Jerusalem, live in apartments that the movement rents for them, study Hebrew in the studio and participate in a rich program of lectures and series on the following topics: Zionism, Israeli society, Judaism, knowledge of the land and more. Emphasis on vocational learning (not a degree, initial stages), courses in new media.This topic was chosen with a view to the future and evidence that many graduates of the program are integrated into work in this field.

In addition, during the program, participants go on day trips and seminars around the country. Tel Aviv Seminar, South and North Seminar, study trips in Jerusalem and more and more.

Duration of the program – 6 months. Each year there are 2 rounds of the program.

The most amazing statistic in this program – over 97% of program participants “do it” at the end of the program. There are currently over 700 graduates of the program in Israel, who are integrated into Israeli society throughout the country.

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