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In 1923 the head of Betar, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, founded the Betar tnua (movement). The purpose of the tnua was defined very clearly by Jabotinsky: “Betar’s role is extremely simple, and yet very difficult – to create the type of Jew that the people need in order to establish the Jewish state quicker and more efficiently.”

Throughout its existence, before and after the establishment of the State of Israel, the Betar movement continues to contribute to the creation of the “type” that Jabotinsky meant, by educating hundreds of thousands of teenagers and young adults throughout Israel and the Diaspora. Betar brings Jews from all over the world to Israel, creating a love of the land, the state and its people, strengthening the connection to communities in all parts of the Land of Israel.

Betar leadership across the globe conduct a variety of value-based educational programs in the spirit of Jabotinsky’s vision. Activities can be divided into three areas:

Activities of Betar branches around the world: Betar is activite in 30 chapters around the world, including Argentina, Brazil (Rio, Porto Alegre and São Paulo), Uruguay, Australia (Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland), Italy and more.

Activities are diverse and reach broad audiences in Jewish communities for youth, young people and adults.

Long-term programs in Israel for young people from abroad – the global leadership of Betar brings dozens of young people from all over the world to Israel every year for a period of 8 months. We operate 3 different programs in collaboration with “Masa” : “Mabat and Media”, a program intended for young people from the countries of the Commonwealth of Nations, “Shnat Hachshara” intended for young leaders from around the world who come for a period of 8 months, and the “Gur Aryeh” program, which includes pre-military preparation for French youth.

Public activity in the spirit of Betar – the movement sees itself as a leader of right-wing policy strengthening Zionist values and the spirit of Betar’s leader, Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Our activities are held often throughout Israel: conferences, seminars, tours throughout the country, publishing in magazines, books and much more. Our activities are intended for the general public in Israel who connect to these ideas and values.

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