Tagar Project

Tagar is an Umbrella Project of World Betar Movement. It is a project which aims students and leaders between 18 and 35 years old with the main goal of capaciting them and moreover to provide them the necessary tools for their professional, community future as well as feeling proud of calling themselves Zionists. 

What are the goals of Tagar? 

  • To promote a jewish-zionist environment after their stage at the Tnua giving them tools for the promotion of Zionism. 
  • To expand the networking of our participants. 
  • To promote Zionist and international diplomacy.
  • To promote Zionism in the communities as well as in campuses around the world.  

Tagar Branches

Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Brasil, España. 

What activities does Tagar have?

  • Monthly social and leadership activities. 
  • Annual International seminar. 
  • Capacitation sessions in partnership with other organizations. 

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