Baruch Mizrahi was not born with this name.

Baruch Mizrahi was not born with this name. He was born as a Muslim In the city of Saffed and he was into Zionism and Betar movement when he was still a child, it was that much that he even knew by heart the son “two banks of the Jordan”. In the beginning they were suspicious about him, however, with them time they got to know that he was serious about it, so then he converted to Judaism and became Baruch Mizrahi. He joined the Eztel and to various of his activities, he was imprisoned in a Jail in Africa, then he was wounded by a Sudan policeman and his life were saved. He came back to Israel and joined the Arab division of the Etzel. In one of his trips to Megido area, an Arab policeman identified him enclosed him in the court of “kaokagi”, place he was sentenced to death. Only after six months his existence was known. Since He is buried in Netanya, today we visited his tumb. May be blessed this combat soldier bold soul. Brave and heroe. From the heroes of Betar and from the founders of this country by his own body.
May his memory be a blessing
Tel Chai!
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