Machane in Rio, Brazil


Between July 19th to 24th the maoz of Betar in Rio held their annual winter machane. This year’s edition, as part of the celebration of Betar’s 100th anniversary and the local maoz 5th one, was called Zichroneinu. 

The meaning of the name Zichroneinu is “our memories”, because, as our slogan says, Betarim don’t have history, they have memories – because we believe we’re all part of what has happened to our people and we see the collective and individual memories we share as an atemporal and intergenerational foundation to our Jewish identity.  

For 6 days, the betarim in Rio had fun while learning about Betar’s ideology and values and making magical memories. 

The local betarim also had the chance to say goodbye to Juliana Katz, netzivah for Betar Amlat, and two of the maoz’s founding madrichim – Guilherme Jaffé and Victor Cohen – who are soon fulfilling their deam of making Israel their home. On the last day, the new local Rosh Chinuch, Diogo Benchimol, was announced. 

Tel Chai!

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