Betar Uruguay celebrates 100 years.

Place and Date

04 nov, 19:00

Montevideo, 21 de Setiembre 2752, 11300 Montevideo, Departamento de Montevideo, Uruguay

About the event

The 100 years of Betar will be a unique event in the history of our tnuá. It will be a formal dress code in a reunion of Betarim generations in the same space to celebrate this great event. It is a unique and special night, with dinner, shows and many more surprises, to live an unforgettable experience.

To manage the purchase of your place for the event, we remind you that you can do it in two different ways: you can buy a table of 10 people or you can also buy individual tickets. In the case of purchasing individual tickets and you want the kvutzá to be together on the same table, please, when managing the purchase of each ticket, detail the kvtuzá/kitá or the name of the group to which they belong (in the purchase form you will be asked this). If you are not from the same kvtuzá/kitá but wish to sit together, in the question where you are asked to detail kvutzá/kitá, enter the same name and this way we will know that you want to sit together.

We are very eager for this unique event in our history and we hope to have your presence there. See you to enjoy a beautiful and unforgettable night all the betarim together in one place!

Buy the ticket here:

¡Tel Jai!

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